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0. Welcome!

Hi! My name is Manu, I'm from Perú (Latin America), I'm a JubJub lover and a Faerie enthusiastic. Welcome to my DTI List.

Hope you are having a great time. I'm not mean, I'm always open to discuss offers. If I find an offer I'm not willing to accpet, I'll politely decline. I'll never say you are making me waste my time or some rude stuff like that.

This is Neopets, not a crypto-currency market. Let's have fun and be nice to each other! :)

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1. Tradeble closet highlight items

I love these items!

Items I like a lot but I would let go if the right offer is made.

If you spot some of these items on other of my lists, it means I have spares UFT!

This list is empty.

4. Highlights UFT items

Not HTPW but I find them cute/valuable. They are value at 1 or more. I'll review the current owls registers and stuff.

I'll be happy to hear offers!

Numbers are values :)

Note to self: They are stored in the SDB!

This list is empty.

6. UPCYCLING! Get as many as you want

Come get them before they disappear from existance!

Send a GBC and get as many items as boxes the GBC gives to me.

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7. NP closet highlights

Expensive and cool

This are my favorite wereable NP items I own. Some of them are gifts from vere kind and generous neopians! Thank you very much to each of you.

PD: Not for trade for NC items according to Neopets rules! ;)

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Items branuelto_88 wants

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1. Actively seeking

So... you have one of these...

I'd love to have these for customs ideas or collection porpurses.

Some are quite valuable, I know. If you have one, tell me what would you like for them. Can be items from my lists! But don't get offended if I'm not ready to trade one of my VHTPW list, even if it's a fair offer.

You can also ask for custom (GBCs, Cookies, Caps or things at the mall). But, I don't always have my credit card with me.

Be patient with me, please /-\

As I always state, let's discuss with no problem! I'll be really happy to chat with you :D

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2. Casually seeking

awwww... So cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Items I find pretty and would like to have them, but are not my priority. I know some of them are very valuable.

You can offer any these for any item from my lists except the VHTPW one. You can also ask for custom, like a GBC, Cookie or Cap, but don't get offended if I pass. Specially if it's a heavy-box trade for the valuable ones.

If you'd like to discuss an offer, let's talk. As always, I'll be happy to chat :)

This list is empty.

3. Looking on a 2:1 trade

I need your huge bargains!

Items I'd like to get on a 2:1 deal. Don't let this stop from offering them on a regular trade. I'll be happy to know what's your value for them :)

This list is empty.

4. Elite Boutique Shoplist

Elusive, exclusive, all inclusive

Items from the elite boutique I want to get.

They are not tradeble, this list is a personal reminder.

This list is empty.

5. Looking for spares

If I like it, I will buy multiples copies of it!

Super sweet items that I already have and still would like to get spares. I'll probabbly won't offer custom for them.

But, you can always ask! :D

This list is empty.

6. NP Ultimate Wishes!


I love them, I want them, I need them!!!!! Someday, somehow, somewhere... Who knows?

Well, some of them are not that expensive. Tho I'm lazy to buy them.

If you are selling them, NM me. But I probably can't afford them.

My bank is currently at: 1.4M

PD: Not for trade for NC items according to Neopets rules! ;)

This list is empty.
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