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I. Tradelist

I would obviously prefer to trade for items, but am open to GBCs and FQ cookies, and sometimes seeking mystery caps. Even if you don't have one of my wishes, still send over your trade list! I apologize in advance if I say no to a perfectly acceptable offer, some items are harder to part with than others.

I'm online often but give me 24 hours to respond pls and thank you, and I will always respond.

I am happy to do GBCS, caps, cookies, or customs for my wishes

The number is the amount I have for my reference.

I also have a Nostalgic Usukigirl Usul and Nostalgic Faerie Ixi available for trade

This list is empty.

IV. UFT: accessories, handhelds, wigs, wings, markings

This list is empty.

V. UFT: backgrounds, foregrounds, and effects

This list is empty.

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