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Thank you for the gifts! :D (Not uft)

Thank you so much to these 23 wonderful people for gifting a random person (me) :D Kelly for the Hairbow dress that I wanted for the longest time, I really really am grateful and again thank you so much for it (and the jubjub cake)(: Maria for the beautiful Brightly Coloured Blue Wig that I just absolutely adoree. Bekkie for the lab ray thought bubble which my hero loves and is never taking off ;p DSheeds for the lovely classic neovian dress! Wach for the Bathing suit that will forever stay in Chatellos closet because I couldn't afford it myself hehe (x Danielle for the lovely lulu contacts that I couldn't get my hands on but now my kacheek will forever wear them :D Christi for the beautiful sparkling rainbow that I love and use in almost every customization! Maggie for the beautiful peaceful tree garland(my favorite garland) that I can't get enough of! Mike for the Jinjah plushie that fits so well to my Chartellos night time customization :D JoJo for the lovely neovian shirt that I absolutely adore on my Juhliet & also one of my favorite tops^ ! Janita for the Cheery Polka Dot Dress that is one of my absolute favorite dresses out of every dress! Colby for the lovely Carnival gloves that are added to my collection(or hoarding) of gloves muaha :D Stephanie for the lovely Ombre Tea Party Bg which is one of my all time favorite bgs! Kaitlyn for the Hand Carved Candle Dress, which I wanted to get back so badly! Lovely Jenn for the Rainbow Watering can which I was dying to get back for my spring customization! Sue for the Meridellian Spring Background which I have been searching for the longest time! Tracey for the lovely gift of Candy Floss Swirl Wig, even though I found a trade for the wig, it was so kind to offer the wig to me so I really appreciate it! Flee for the Harvest Feast Background which I absolutely had to have after I found the customization with but was dreading having to trade for after seeing the value :p ! Thank you to Grand Poobah for the lovely 3 gifts including the Heart Tandem Bicycle which was actually on my np wl :D And a thank you to lovely Hannah for not only a trade but also for gifting me a Christmas Puppyblew for my grinch. Abbie, for the midnight orb to complete my Ami's customisation but also the gesture of gifting me the Christmas Puppyblew (: My days were made by these gifts and I really really am so grateful (: Angela for the beautiful Red Feather Valentine Wings that completed my kacheek customization but also I was having such a hard time finding heh. Molly for the Retired Holiday Tree Mystery Capsule which I was dying to get my hands on to open up then got the sugary sweets facepaint! ^^ The lovely "why do you need to know" for the stormy ombre dress, I was so frustrated bumping 10 pages with 1 trade and this dress absolutely made my day ^_^ Lovely Caroline for gifting me the School Girl Shirt even though our trade didn't go through. Theresa, even though she didn't see anything on my tl, for gifting me the Red Chevron Umbrella XD Kerri for the negg costume . Lady for the sloth clones. Sora for the shiny gold bag of gold. Unknown for blooming ): Tracey for peapod, Jae for button town Stephanie- peaceful tree Becca for the sugary wig Stacey for the Dw pink eye mu Preslee for the kacheek pathway


If there are ever any on my Tl, they are extras as i'd never trade away these lovely gifts! (:

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