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You're welcome to ask about anything! I have a lot of uncategorized stuff. Whether I want to trade any given thing just depends on whether I've found a use for it recently.

Unfortunately, I am THE WORST at responding to Neomails about NC trading. I always mean to look up the owls values, look up your TL, look up the item, look up this and that... so I tend to glance at a neomail, hop off, and then get distracted and forget you even asked me about it in the first place. orz

If I do not respond to you in a few days, PLEASE just neomail me again! I promise i'm stupid, not ignoring you

I also tend to go on random hiatuses, so please check my userlookup last seen: before mailing!

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00-UFT (main, 100%)

Standard-faire UFT. Feel free to ask for a 2:1 for anything currently buyable from the NC mall

This list is empty.

1-UFT (Unattatched)

Almost certainly UFT, but I have a goblin brain who doesn't want these in the general UFT list for no apparent reason.

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x-NP items (Would sell)

NP stuff I'd take offers on. (NP items can only be sold for NP/NP item trades, yada yada)

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y-NP items (not for sale)

z-Not UFT

My preciousssses

This list is empty.

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

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