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neomail Azelah. Please note, I have oodles of stuff in my SDB, and I don't actually know all of what's in this list. I'm still in the process of sorting it. I apologize in advance if you ask about something, and it turns out it's not for trade. That should be rare, though, so please ask away!

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UFT Buyables

I'm happy to trade these, but they're also currently buyable in the NC mall, just so we both know. I'll 2:1 (or box gamble) these guys, just ask :) If I missed anything, just let me know.

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consider this a 'maybe UFT' category. Don't let that stop you from asking, though, I won't be annoyed! A LOT of this stuff really oughta be in the UFT section.

I can't guarantee that things in here are UFT. My closet is too big for me to know off the top of my head how much of this stuff I use. Please don't be afraid to ask, though!

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