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000 Notice

9/15/14 - 5 Boxes

Thanks for checking out my UFT & WL! Some items are HTPW & some are NUFT because they have been gifted or gallery items. One day I'll separate them out.

But I love to trade so please neomail me with all offers and we can work something out :) If you have 2:1 deals I'd love to check them out! I can offer customs for items that i am seeking for new customs.
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UFT some are HTPW. Don't hesitate to neomail and ask :) I answer all neomails.

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These items are in my closet & are not for trade.

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5 Pet Specific

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NP Backgrounds

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001 Top Priority.

If I don't have anything you want UFT, I am willing to do customs :)

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