Dulcinea's items

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Items Dulcinea owns

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2:1 Cap Sale

NOTE: Currently NOT doing a 2:1 sale as I'm low on boxes. This is a normal trade list!

This list has items I'll trade 2:1 for certain caps! Which caps varies and, if there aren't any I'm interested in right now, then this is just a regular ol' trade list.

Currently Seeking These Caps: None

This list is empty.

Fancy Items on Sides

Note- my side accounts are _khepri _ (no space), loba_alpha, loba_fantasma, and uruwashii_neko.

These are items I have on side accounts that are nifty and/or high value according to Waka. I tend to be pickier with these since I often won't have extras. I also may or may not have boxes on sides at any given time, so NM me to check!

This list is empty.

Hard to Part With

These are items I own that I'm pickier with- most I'm saving for items I really want. Still, it never hurts to offer! But don't be offended if I reject fair or even potentially overoffers :)

Items marked with a "99" are on sides that I may or may not have boxes on!

This list is empty.

Spare Paint Brush Clothing

Here's a list of spare paint brush clothing I have- NM me if you have an unclothed pet and would like the clothing, and we'll see if I work out transferring it to you :3

This list is empty.


Items I'm trading. Some I'm pickier with than others, but just offer. I'm going off ~Korolie for value. Don't worry if you don't have anything from my wishlist, something on your tradelist may catch my eye!

Please note: It is NOT personal if I turn down a perfectly fair offer, or even an over-offer. If I'm not going to use an item, I don't want it, and I don't like wasting giftboxes :c

This list is empty.

Items Dulcinea wants

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Fancy Items I'd Like to Own

These are some more valuable items I'd like to have at some point! If you see any items I have that are rarer/more valuable, these might be some things I'd be interested in :)

This list is empty.

High Priority

These are items I have plans for and definitely want sooner as opposed to later.

I'll be pretty eager to trade for these items, but less so than highest priority. And I may still reject depending on what you're offering on- be reasonable!

This list is empty.

Highest Priority

These items are my top priorities- I want them and I want them NOW. These are often going to be seasonal items I want for current outfits.

I'm going to be really eager to trade for these items, but may still reject offers depending on what you're offering on- please be reasonable!

This list is empty.

Low Priority

These are items I like and have vague ideas of how I may use them. They also may move up to a higher wishlist at some point, if those ideas become more concrete.

I most likely won't be interested in trading for them alone, but may be interested if they're included with higher priority items.

This list is empty.

Lowest Priority

These are items I think are cool and may want at some point. Still, I have no real plans for them and am not actively seeking them.

I'm not going to be likely to trade for these items but may be interested if they're part of the deal alongside higher priorities.

This list is empty.


These are items I want and have a good idea of what I'll do with them, maybe even an outfit planned.

I'm interested in trading for these items, but may or may not accept offers, depending on what you're offering on.

This list is empty.
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