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I've made some tweaks that should hopefully help, fingers crossed!
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Items Exinspired owns

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PLEASE EXPECT NEOMAIL RESPONSES TO BE 1~3 DAYS LATE. I've been a little scarce on Neopets lately, so I don't come on everyday, but I am usually on at least twice a week.

all apx cap values provided by /~paleina, /~dominant, and my own decision based on personal value of the item+how desired it seems to be. Some may also be worth two caps rather than one.

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Items in use

These are items currently being worn by my pets or that I plan to have them wear in the future. Chances are, I don't want to trade these.

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These are things I have and am not using and don't plan to use at present. I might sell them in the future or something, but chances are they aren't worth much.

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Up For Trade(HTPW)

I'm not using these, at least, not right now? Maybe I'll use them in the future--but chances are I want to hold onto them. trading them away is very tentative, thus it's not actually marked as Trading.

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Up for Trade(sides)

These items are UFT, but on side accounts. Side Box Count: 0 for the Patchwork Quilt Wings, Gypsy Wrap Wig, Ornate Lace Bracers, Star Lanterns and Silk Curtains, Basic Long Raven Wig, Basic Beanie and Chestnut Wig, Basic Long Blonde Wig, Basic Long Puce Wig; 2 for everything else.

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