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If you want something on any of my TLs but don't have any of my WL items, send me a NM anyways with your TL! I will always respond, so don't be afraid to ask! I can't guarantee I'll agree to trade, but I will ALWAYS respond. At this time of writing, neomails have been glitching on Neopets, so if I don't respond within 24 hours, please send me another neomail. I do not snub any offers.

EDIT 4/25/2020: Responses are VERY delayed due to IRL events and also the fact I work full time. I'm not ignoring you, but I'm only on neopets once or twice a week nowadays for less than an hour, so if you want to trade with me, please be patient.

I also accept GBCs, NC Archives Fortune Cookies, and NC Upcycle Fortune Cookies.

I follow ~waka values, and will do 2:1 GBC deals on some items-- just ask.

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***Things I'll Never Get But I Can Dream, Right?

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Low Priority

Thank you to the person who gifted me the Woodland Archer Tattoo!!

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