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1.0) Quick Intro

Click here to jump directly to my wishlist

Click here for my unwearables UFT via JN

Feel free to message if interested in a trade

Note: I have a hidden closet that I would trade for dream wishes. Not for trade items which include permanent closet items and gifts are stored in a separate, private list. As much as I would like to express my gratitude publicly for gifted items, I keep the list private to avoid any confusion in regards to the items that I am trading.

99 = HTPW

44, 55, 66 = my reference

Single digits are quantities

Last updated: January 2020

This list is empty.

1.1) HTPW

Generally reserved for priority wishes rather than casual trades.

This list is empty.

2.2) Highlights UFT - Lower Value

This list is empty.

3.2) Dyeworks - Lower Value

This list is empty.

4) Regular Tradelist on Main

Easy to part with items

This list is empty.

5) Regular Tradelist on Side

Easy to part with items

This list is empty.

6) UFT 2:1

2 items for one gbc

This list is empty.
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