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1.0) Quick Intro | NM open

Last Updated Oct 2020

Click to Wishlist

Click to my Capsules UFT - JellyNeo

Number key

99 = HTPW

44, 55, 66 = My reference

Otherwise, single digits are quantities

All items listed here are UFT. Not for trade items which include permanent closet items and gifts are stored in a separate, private list to avoid confusion.

Lights falling:

This list is empty.

2.2) Dyeworks - Lower Value

Accepting WL and custom

This list is empty.

3) Regular Tradelist on Main

Accepting WL and custom

This list is empty.

4) Regular Tradelist on Side

Accepting WL and custom

This list is empty.

6.1) Discounted UFT 2:1

Select 2 items for one jubjub capsule

Accepting WL/custom

This list is empty.

Items lightsfalling wants

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Priority WL

Jump back to my tradelist

Click here for my capsules UFT via JN

Closet is hidden at this time, so please let me know your wishes for mine. Also have plenty of GBC UFT and custom.

Numbers on WL correspond to my value (cross-referenced with value guides).

This list is empty.

Special TL available

I have a separate TL for items on this list: Additional TL - DTI

This list is empty.

Very Casual WL

Dress to Impress
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