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00. Welcome!

Hello there! I am Riley. I occasionally trade Neocash items.

For non-wearable items, including capsules, goodie bags, Dyeworks potions, and more, see here. Gift box capsules are only available for some wishes.

I am on daily and will always respond to mails. :)

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01. Closet Trading

03. NC TL

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00. Info

Below wishlist items are marked with approximate cap values, excepting:

  1. buyable items (77)
  2. current items from games (88)
  3. items granted from current KQ tokens (250)
  4. items valued 1-2 (none)
  5. items whose values are unknown (55)
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01. High Priority

05. Replacements

Items I've traded that I maybe-kinda-sorta wouldn't mind having back. Extremely low priority.

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