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Items sharffytoh owns

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A Note From Sharffytoh

hey im anna, ive been playin for 8 years and i just got my account back after a year of being in contact with TNT about someone hacking it and causing it to become frozen. I have 4 Aisha's on my main and quite a few more on my side accounts (no need to guess my favorite Neopet species there huh?)

These items below are what I have in my closet and are both NP and NC items. However, some of them are harder to part with than others.

always looking for: ~Things that look good with Eventide and Marctite Painted pets -black and white items -baby items

I also am open to trading for Mystery Capsules, Fortune Cookies, Shenanigifts invitations, MMEs, Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widgets, etc.

You don't have to offer me anything in my wish list, just make an offer of what you think would be fair and seems like something that would fit with one of my pets, and see if I accept!

-anna updated december 13, 2018

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Regular Trade Items

I can trade these items for items of similar value or (in the case of a neocash item) 1-2 GBC Dependant on the item.

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Items sharffytoh wants

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Fluffy's Outfit Needs

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Grauschimmer's Outfit Needs

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KrIsTiN3's Outfit Needs

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