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0.1 September, sorry I've been on a mini-hiatus :o

Seeking WL #1 and Upcycles - I have a small-ish private closet for HTF #1 list items.

Will entertain casual trades on other wishlists but likely to decline (see lists for deets)

Misc. UFT: Bejewelled Retired Summer Mystery Capsule x1, NC Mall 10th Birthday Mystery Capsule x2, Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram x1; 7th Birthday Cake Slice #3 x2

BASIC GIFT BOXES: 1 | GBC: 19 | FQC: 4 | UPCYCLE: 0 | DYE POTS: 8 | RETIRED DW (1st Edition): 2

Items here are pending trade

This list is empty.

0.1.3 Foregrounds & Garlands

This list is empty.

0.1.4 Clothing

This list is empty.

0.1.9 2:1+ GBC

2:1 or 1 cap each - this list is my upcycle cookie list, I do my best to update once I've donated! My apologies if something is missing.

If you do not have GBC but can offer an UPCYCLE cookie, please inquire for 1 item (if I have an extra box from Trudy, I may take you up on it!).

This list is empty.

0.2 HTPW/Closet

Harder to part with items, only UFT for Priority Wishes but honestly not likely UFT x__x

This list is empty.

Items roxychalk wants

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1. Actively Seeking

Can offer GBC/custom depending on what's in the mall or if needed to add value.

Also seeking: Upcycle cookies, GBC (for lower value items)

This list is empty.

Cute but like y tho

Not actively seeking these items; stuff I may look for or accept as filler for larger trades. This is set to PUBLIC not trading.

This list is empty.
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