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A. Lending Dyeworks

All of these items are available to be lent for 1 GBC or 1 cap custom or small WL item. I take both old and new GBCs for these.

This list is empty.

B. Highlights UFT

All are UFT for wishes and most are UFT for GBC/custom/hp cake/cupcakes.

This list is empty.

E. 1-4 Cap Items

Always trading for GBCs/custom for these; I'll use the lowest value on ~Waka for GBCs and the normal values for item trades.

If you see anything in here that's buyable I can do 2:1 GBCs.

This list is empty.

F. 2:1 Buyables

Any 2 for 1 new GBC or any 1 for 1 old GBC. I take my WL items/custom for these too. 2:1 is ONLY for new GBCs, during item:item trades I do not value these at .5 caps.

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Items xskimdlove wants

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A. Need for Trades (1st Priority)

Need this for a trade. #1 priority. Looking for 2:1 New GBC for 1-2 cap items here, can also offer from my TL. Please mail me your WL if you don't see anything :)

This list is empty.

B. Priority (1st Priority)

Please mail wishes for these if you have them UFT :) I can offer closet or hunt down your wishes/GBCs/custom if I don't have them.

This list is empty.

D. 2nd Priority

Feel free to mail wishes for these. Even though they're not as priority as my B. Priority section I can part with some closet for them.

This list is empty.

II. Populars Wishlist

Casually seeking but am usually open to trading for. Can be used as filler for other trades.

Also seeking items here for MME Sparkling Snow BG.

More wanted marked with 2.

This list is empty.
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