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hello! ~

hi there! i'm natalie! c:

i'm always open for trades, so if you have a wish of mine, please neomail me.
& if i have a wish of yours, please feel free to show me your tradelist!

if you've nm'd and i haven't responded in 24 hours, please don't hesitate to mail me again!
my mail likes to glitch (and i am very good at poofing)
if i got your mail, i will always respond, even if it's a no thanks

last updated: january 2O2O

boxes: 7 | gbcs: O | custom: O nc
always seeking gbcs & lab+fqc! ;-;

This list is empty.

highlights + htpw

99+ means it's extremely htpw; probably only uft for highest priorites!
unmarked are uft for casual wishes, still just a bit picky

This list is empty.

regular uft

nicer items on my main account.

i also have the following grams:
rustic love sweetheart gram
ruby red sweetheart gram
if you're interested in a gram item, please tell me which gram; i'm forgetful! c:

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some 2:1 stuff

basic 2:1
or 3:1 / 4:1 depending on how many boxes i get from your gbc
one neopian's junk is another neopian's treasure, right?

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Items sulfurbutterfly wants

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1. side pet wishes

for reference, items are marked with a number so i know where they need to go
3 go to underthemountain
4 goes to littlemissacid
5 goes to bitsybuttons
6 goes to graphiic

items marked with a 88 are pending trades This list is empty.

3. casual wishes

oh look, more things i need - and this isn't even the giant hidden wl of shame!

This list is empty.

5. for friends

seeking these for a friend
mostly listed so i can compare easier without having to go look at her wl lol
for my reference -
unmarked goes to knightwriter2010
3 goes to hyrulechicken
4 goes to haanit
5 goes to zukoshonor

This list is empty.
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