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(A). UPDATED 01/12/2018 - Time Zone: EST

I use
~Korolie, ~Ezu (used to be ~Clara) and ~Saphronn as guides, but alas,
this is not the rules to me, just more of a guideline.

Please feel free to neomail me. I always reply. If I don't reply please neomail again as recently I have found out that sometimes NEO goes a little wonky on the Neomails. :)

Thanks for taking a look!

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Current Dyeworks for "loan only". ( 2:1 GBC ) also 1:1 for Grave Danger - Ghostly Wand of Spades or Dye Potion

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(B). 1 GBC

Also for Trade but not pictured -

8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake
Paper Lantern String Lights (NEOHOME)

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(F). 5 + GBC

Also for Trade but not pictured -

Cherry Blossom Tree ~20-25 (asking ~18) (NEOHOME)


Barrel of TNT ~8-10 (asking ~10)
Thespian Background ~30-40 (asking ~30)

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These are items I value differently than the popular value guides. It might be because they are harder to find, items I had to over offer to obtain..etc. A value board is always a good idea.

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(I). 2:1 Treasures No One Wants

Trading for GBC, 1:1 for 1 pack Shenanagifts, 1:1 for Dye Potion or
1:1 for Grave Danger - Ghostly Wand of Spades or
item for item trade.

NOTE: I have no use for these treasures. I would gift them but never have spare boxes to do so. If this is stuff you want, I will open the GBC and send you as many items as I get boxes for from your capsule, your choice (list 5 with your favorites first).

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