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(A). UPDATED 02/24/2017 - Time Zone: EST

I use values based on ~Korolie, ~Clara and ~Saphronn guides, but alas,
this is not gospel to me, just a guideline.

NC Values:
NC Values:
NC Values:

Please feel free to neomail me. I always reply! :)

Thanks for taking a look!

I believe this is the only item in Neopia that causes me much sorrow and yet much joy. It makes me horribly homesick, yet reminds me of so many happy times in my life. Hopefully one day I will be able to acquire it. It reminds me so much of the home I miss. I bet everyone has that one neo item that makes them feel something!

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Current Dyeworks for "loan only". ( 2:1 GBC ) also 1:1 for Grave Danger - Ghostly Wand of Spades or Dye Potion

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(B). 1 GBC

Also for Trade but not pictured -

8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake
8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake
Brilliant Ombre Sweetheart Gram x2 (No LE)
Paper Lantern String Lights (NEOHOME)

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(C). 2 GBC

Flowery Valentine Goodie Bag

This list is empty.

(E). 4 GBC

This list is empty.

(F). 5 + GBC

Also for Trade but not pictured -

Cherry Blossom Tree ~20-25 (asking ~18) (NEOHOME)
Mortog Fountain ~10 (asking ~7) (NEOHOME)


Barrel of TNT ~10-15 (asking ~10)
Thespian Background ~30-40 (asking ~30)

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(H). 2:1 Junk No One Wants

Trading 2:1 GBC or Archive Cookie or
1:1 for Grave Danger - Ghostly Wand of Spades or
item for item trade.

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