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Aviagua (Main Account)

Hi there!
Feel free to Neomail if I have something you want- though be aware I usually don't have many (if any) giftboxes.

I am always seeking GBCs! And if I have anything in a boxless side account that you want, you'll have to trade me a GBC for the item to that account so I can actually send it over to you.

Giftboxes: 1

Highlights & Hard To Part With:
Items marked 99 are particularly HTPW, but are still UFT!

This list is empty.

Dyeworks Originals

I can lend one of these for 1 GBC.

If you've never borrowed Dyeworks before, here's how it works: You send me the GBC so I have a box to send you the item, you dye it as many times as you like & keep the dyed versions (the result is random,) then send the original back to me.

I *might* be able to lend for a Upcycle Cookie/custom or small wish if boxes aren't an issue.

My Dyeworks Originals are NOT UFT unless there's a duplicate on another list.

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NC: General Tradelist

This list is empty.

The Buyables

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Items aviagua wants

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1 NC Actively Seeking WL

Also seeking GBCs, Upcycle Cookies & possibly Archive Cookies.

PLEASE show me your wishlist if you have any of these UFT! I have a lot closeted I'd be willing to trade towards these items.

Items marked 21 I'd prefer to find in 2:1 sales but would consider item:item trades.

NOTE: Any items with "22" are for my side iruziel! Also please Neomail if you're selling the Ultimate Battlefield FG, I will pay pure.

This list is empty.

NC Dyework Wishes

While they have varying levels of priority, there's a good chance I'll always be interested in trading for these items!

22- for my side iruziel

33- for my side lassiandra

This list is empty.

NC Medium-Low Priority Wishlist

Mostly just stuff I find pretty or liked while playing around on DTI. Some items I'll only be searching for in 2:1 sales.

This list is empty.

Populars WL

This list is empty.

Seeking for Others

These won't be coming to my account/s so please wait for me to tell you where to send!

This list is empty.
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