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0.0 HIIII + DW Lends

I last updated my WL on 11/2018 - please give me time to catch up!

Actively seeking GBCs at this time!

55: Never UFT
99/66: Value unknown at the moment
#00#: Value-00-Quantity
888: Needs to be moved to appropriate account


Non-wearables UFT:
Money Tree Cupcake (x1)
11th Birthday Cupcakes (x4)*

These items are available for lending! 1:1 DW Potion, 2:1 GBC ^^ Not UFT at this time.

This list is empty.

1.0 Highlights

...but don't let that discourage you! I don't bite. Number denotes GBC worth. (+/- 1)

This list is empty.

1.1 UFT for GBC List or WL

2:1 GBC, 1:1 Item/Cookie

This list is empty.

2.0 Closet, Not in Use

These are a bit harder to part with, most likely because I only have one or I use them frequently! But if you can see this list I'm trading from here. NP items I have and am not currently using are also included here. If you see them listed in either 1.0 or 1.1 lists, that means I am trading spares.

55 means never UFT!

This list is empty.

Items lovepacsun wants

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1.1 Casually Seeking

May or may not be able to offer GBCs for these items depending on how many I have to offer.

This list is empty.

1.4 RR Wishes (July 2018)

Items I want currently included in the RR caps. Ignore placement if item is also included in another WL. Not offering GBCs for these items (unless I offer of course). Thanks!

This list is empty.

2.0 NP Casual Wishlist

This list is empty.

2.0 Plushie Wishlist

Not actively trading for these at this time. Only seeking if I offer. May potentially be used as filler.

This list is empty.
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