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Bunch Of Items I Have

This is a list of a bunch of stuff I have. I don't know how up to date it is. It probably definitely has some closet/htpw items I missed yay.

This is just here so I can kind of keep track of what items I have when browsing wishlists, and for the rare occasions I go on the NC chat and not having a tradelist means people shun my board. :'D

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Stuff I Probably Like Too Much to Trade

Mostly really hard to part with! These are items I either use often or were gifts from a friend. :'D Mostly here so I know what I have, and maybe to offer for ridiculously expensive super important wishes.

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Items xcrain wants

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2. For Later

Things here I like, more than most other things I like. Middle priority? As in, not really any rush to get these, but I do plan to have these eventually.

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HA. Things I will likely never afford.

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