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A. Don't Look for Dignity in Public Bathrooms.


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D. UFT from side

Items Dmdragonridr wants

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A. Priority NC wants [Actively Searching, Let's set up a Pretrade]

I offer you GBCs, TL, custom and dyework pots. item for item trades are preferable, even if we have to add a gbc or two to make it fair. Let's set up a trade, now.


Value guides are a social construct, just ask for what you think it's worth. I will counter with my own ideas.


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D. Medium Priority

I have plans for these. Aspirations, if you will. Primarily seeking these as item trades, discounted or in 2:1s, until they are bumped upward to priority.

talk to me. negotiable.

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D. Priority 2:1 wishes And Preferred 1:1 item trades

Want these 1:1 item for item OR one gbc for two.

Will offer a gbc if 2:1 according to available gbcs. They can be paired with anything else on my wl. Reasonable 1:1 Item for item trades also encouraged and nigh guaranteed.

If you have these in a list but not anything in the next list to pair it with, send me your TL. I will try browsing.

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D. zfiller items, for item:item trades and 2:1 offers

Please dont get offended if you think some items are worth more, that just means they will get bumped up to the medium wl once i have acquired the other things on it. May decline reasonable offers based on available gbcs.

item for item offers still welcome at full worth. lay them on me, bruh.

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E. I need these for Specific customs but they are expensive :/

E. It happened once in a dream.

Costs too much to seek. But if you're kind, quitting and gifting, lol? just here cuz i like to dream, but by all means offer if you have it and want to

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Zz. Np wishlist

Np items I'm saving for. Other Needed Nonwearable stuff:

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