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0. Non-Wearable NC

My NON-WEARABLE Neocash items can be found here:

I have several Neohome 2.0 and rare items! :)

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1. Highlights

This list is empty.


Please be warned, I am picky with these items

These items are only UFT for my wishes, and I am not seeking GBCs for them unfortunately

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4. Regular UFT

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Items alphafemale wants

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1. Priority Wishlist

Mainly seeking these items at the moment

If you have any of these items, please feel free to show me your tradelist even if you don't have any of my other wishlist items, if you need to make up a value difference. Perhaps we can work out a trade :)

Some of my wishes may be gifts for friends :)

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4. Special Non-Wearable NC Wishlist

I have a few non-wearable NC items that are worth a considerable amount.

I am mainly only looking to trade for these items IF YOU are looking to trade for my UNWEARABLE NC :) Please feel free to send me your tradelist if you are interested in trading.

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