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+ 1) On Semi-Hiatus

I do not trade with rude people

Tradelist Updated: July 21st

  • Mail me if you find something in my TL that catches your eye.
  • I will TRY to respond to all neomail that is not spam.

  • I have no side accounts other than my perma-silenced main
  • Please don't offer on my closet/baby items unless you are offering from my Super Priority (Baby) WL. Thank you :*
  • Please don't mail me and ask what I am seeking - I am seeking everything listed in my Wishlist

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    2) 2:1 & Guaranteed 4:1 on certain GBCs

    If it's not in my gallery, I will do a guaranteed 4:1
    Click for GBC Gallery

    All other GBCs (old and new style) - 2:1
    Dye Potion - 1:1

    New Items added: July 21st

    This list is empty.

    3) Closet + Some Highlights

    Closet is set to "Trading" because some of these are UFT for my Priority baby WL + Spare Baby WL
    and never seeking GBCs for these, so please don't ask.

    This list is empty.

    B. for BABY Items (VHTPW) / Highlights

    My baby items are VHTPW, as I have 11 babies to dress!
    Closet is set to "Trading" because some of these are UFT for my dream WL
    and not seeking GBCs for these .

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    This list is empty.

    Garlands, Foregrounds and Trinkets

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    (Not in a list)

    There aren't any items here.
    Dress to Impress
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