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*Elle's Opening Stuff*

last updated 9.18.2017

i try to keep my list up to date but sometimes miss removing items! i will always check to make sure i have them before we trade!
anything in the UFT list is UFT for GBCs or wishes! :)

This list is empty.

*Highlights UFT*

HTPW & Closet items that are UFT!

items here are UFT. I use /~Clara {/~Ezu} & /~Korolie for values. seeking wishes or GBCs!

This list is empty.


items here are UFT. I use /~Clara & /~Korolie for values.

I am NOT offering any 2:1s are this time due to a box shortage on my end

This list is empty.

Side Account UFT

These are UFT on my sides! Not all sides may have a box so a GBC may be required to trade!

To view my side account items UFT, please visit:

my side uft list!

This list is empty.
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