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-Regular Tradelist

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-Tradelist #2

Bit of a mixed batch here. Some are junk I like, some HTPW or stuff my pets are currently wearing. Most are UFT, but please don't be offended if I refuse a fair offer.

Any Dyeworks originals are available to borrow (Please NM me)

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Closet (VHTPW)

Things that I love or use all the time and want to keep. I suppose I should keep this section hidden, but I would consider trading most of them for special wishes. Or I might decline. Unless the offer is too good to pass! Maybe. Argh! D:

Try me, anyway. <3

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My 2:1 GBC Sale

2:1 for GB caps or 1:1 item to item.

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Items itipeque wants

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*Priority wishes*

Actively seeking right now. Item to item trades preferred, but I feel free to ask about custom/GBC.

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WL: FG, BG, BG items, trinkets

Not actively seeking but wouldn't mind getting, Won't usually offer custom for these, but open to casual trades.

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