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[ 0 ] closet

closet stuff I'm willing to trade
other stuff ig:constellation cupcake, tropical cupcake, wonderclaw 1-pack, holiday patapult 1-pack, gbcs

helpful info: i have permanent customs/pets so i mostly seek WL items but feel free to ask abt casual trades (i like pretty things), customs, value adjustments, + gbcs (i stockpile these)! i try really hard to be kind + trade fairly. i don't trade w/ high frequency + habitually take long breaks so if anything I say is old news/incorrect, sorry!

This list is empty.

[ 1 ] backgrounds

This list is empty.

[ 2 ] foregrounds & misc.

This list is empty.

[ 4 ] clothes & accesories

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Items tackydad wants

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[ 1 ] high priority

i want these items the most + they're probably all i'm gonna talk about This list is empty.

[ 2 ] low priority

secondary items that i really want. i'm not desperate for these but i'm also not, not desperate for these items either This list is empty.

[ 3 ] casual wishes

i want these items but i'm not hard pressed to trade for/find them

This list is empty.

[ 4 ] hard mode

i have a hard enough time finding these items, much less trading for them
i'm bad @ trading but i'm allowed to dream This list is empty.
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