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1. Lending

I am lending these (and whatever items I have that are dyeable ATM)
for brews, FQCs, archive cookies, caps, or small wishes c:

This list is empty.

2. UFT

Non-Wearables UFT:

Icy Shenanigifts Invitation 1-Pack
Candy Striped Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Lukewarm Left-Over Pizza
8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake
Floating in Love Valentine Goodie Bag
11th Birthday Constellation Cupcake
11th Birthday Tropical Cupcake
Neopets 19th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Colourful Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag
Neopets 20th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Past Neggs (no dust)

I accept DW hue brew potions, GBCs, mystery caps, and archive cookies
for non-wearables and items in this section

This list is empty.

4. Side Account Items UFT

all goodie bags and cupcakes listed in my 'easy to part with' section are UFT from my side too.

I can also offer a 150NC custom

99 means not UFT

This list is empty.

Items colonel_chokato wants

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1. High Priority Wishlist

Some of these wishes are more urgent than others
and I will over offer from my HTPW section for them.

Trade with me to help me achieve these dreams? c:

2 = Very High Priority/Replacement
3 = Extremely High Priority/Dream Wish

This list is empty.

2. Wanted Duplicates

These are items that I'd like duplicates of

2 = more urgent

Most of these items are high priority wishes
so feel free to ask! c:

This list is empty.

3. Mid Priority Wishlist

I am still actively seeking these items, but would prefer to find my high priorities first

This list is empty.

4. Low Priority Wishlist

I like these items,
but I'm not actively looking for them atm.

If you have my wishes from this section feel free to offer,
but I probably won't trade my hard to part with items for these

This list is empty.

5. NP Wishes

Please contact me if you'd like to arrange a neopoint for neopoint item trade c:

99 = priority

This list is empty.
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