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Items I have

All the items listed here are items I have for trades. If you see something you'd like please let me know.

Everything is arranged by how much its worth. How many GBCs they are.

I also have these cookies for trade:

1 Coincidental Fortune Cookie

1 Archives Fortune Cookie(will get more at some point)

4 Lab Ray Fortune Cookie

1 Upcycle Fortune Cookie(will get more)

GBCs and MCs for trade:

9 Patapult Patapuffs ~1 puff is worth 150nc so anything of equal value.

The Advent FGs are FREE to anyone who wants them.

Used ~/Waka to price my goods

This list is empty.

Items I have For Dyeworks Lending

Items here I have to Lend. Will Take one GBC for each lend. Will also take Dyepots or WL items.

This list is empty.

Items I have for trade ~ Dyeworks

This list is empty.

Trade for ~1-2 GBC

All items her are worth 1 or 2 GBCs

This list is empty.

~Items on Side(ailith_the_huntress)

these are items from side.

will take GBCs or items from WL

number is how many GBCs its worth

This list is empty.

~Items on Side(stellarosetherobot)

(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items mstowell wants

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Wish List items for my Gallery(np)

these are NP items im looking for for the gallery

This list is empty.
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