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Items subzero owns

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1. Stuff

Numbers do not indicate value on anything in my trade lists! It's the amount I have. Mails are open for trades, feel free to ask.

OKAY SO LIKE I'M NOT IGNORING PEOPLE MY MAILS ARE JUST NOT SHOWING UP. So it's like 3 days later I'll notice cause someone else mailed me FORGIVE ME

Please note full links break my mails for some reason and make me unable to see anything. If you send me a full link and it breaks my neomails I will not reply. /user and after is fine. This applies to jellyneo links too.

My closet items are hidden, so everything seen is UFT.

Current number of boxes: 40

Gbcs for trade: 20

Grams don't have LEs

Enchanting Sweetheart Gram - 19

Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram - 10

Vintage Halloween Party Gram - 7

This list is empty.

3. Foreground

This list is empty.

5. Wigs

This list is empty.

6. Clothing

This list is empty.

7. 2:1 Sale

This list is empty.

Trades setting up

Trades waiting on reply.

This list is empty.

Items subzero wants

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1. Stuff 2.0

Nothing is priority, these lists are just broken up by what goes where due to the amount of items I'm seeking.

This list is empty.

8. Foreground/BG items

This list is empty.

9. Clothes

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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