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2:1 + Sale!

Keep in mind these are sale items from all of my accounts, therefore please be patient! Willing to do up to 5:1 for gbcs. If not offering gbcs, they will be valued at 1 cap each!

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This list is uft for any/all of my wishes but please note im still picky with some of these. Also accepting other items but not accepting custom offers of any kind unless i specify. Casual trades welcome!

following nh items uft too:

gothic valentine garland, money tree neopia central lamp, old time wood burning stove, paper lantern string lights, spring negg wreath

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Items below are htpw on various degrees. If this list is visible i'm probably seeking htf wishes or multiple wl trades unless otherwise stated. Some values may differ from waka. Casual trades also welcome

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Main uft box: unlimited! (for now)

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side 1 uft box: 3

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