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Hey there.

I'm lazy and I'm more of a PC person.

Sorry if I make a bad offer. I don't keep track of values.
I try to look at values before offering though. :)

Neomail is always open if I've got something you're looking for.
I'm a pretty casual trader, so I'm always seeking GBCs & I'll look at random stuff.

X0X = Value, example: 203 is 2-3 cap value
99 = Semi-hard to part with but still UFT
Single # = How many I have
Always willing to work something out though.

This list is empty.

List #1. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

List #2. Foreground & Garland Items

This list is empty.

List #3. Clothing & Hats

This list is empty.

List #6. Other

Hocus Pocus Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Cherry Blossom Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Six-rific Birthday Cupcake Candle Sparkler
Candy Corn Cupcake
Rainbow Ray Mechanical Negg
Sound The Alarm Mechanical Negg
Spyder Mechanical Negg

This list is empty.

List #8. Closet for Wishes Only

Only UFT for wishes, sorry!

99 = For big wishes/over offers only
Read this READ THIS read this
99 = Clear Forest Sky + Lily Pond BGs
Neomails about these items will be IGNORED if they're not what I'm asking for! :/
Sorry, I'm just tired of all the neomails.
I'm very lazy, thanks.

Not seeking GBCs for these items at this time.

This list is empty.

Items Ashtin wants

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