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21st Birthday Items

NOTE (100): Rainbow Birthday Cake Slice is still inside Neopets 21st Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

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NOTE (100): Golden Celebration Sparkles is still inside Neopets 20th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

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~ If you're into that sort of thing~

Neopia Central Neopoint Floor Tiles
Money Tree Neopia Central Lamp
Neopia Central Rolltop Desk
Elegant Neopia Central Sofa
Neopia Central Money Tree Bed
Yellow Striped Neopia Central Wallpaper
Darigan Citadel Spike Floor Tiles
Mystical Darigan Citadel Wallpaper
Darigan Citadel Lamp
Darigan Citadel Desk
Darigan Citadel Sofa
Darigan Citadel Fortress Bed
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Music & Sound Effects

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