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* Announcement *

♡ All the way at the bottom of the page are wishlist(s) for a specific custom I have in mind ♡

☑ - have ☐ - don't have

always seeking archives/gbcs/baby caps
current box count: Ø3 This list is empty.

* UFT 2:1 list *

Send me a GBC/archive and get two or even three items from here!

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* Up for Trade *

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Items kaenguyen17 wants

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NC wishlist

♡ things i would like to have one day ♡

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Wishlist for Blumingful


☑Baby Valentine Wings ☑Dyeworks Red: Baby Spring Jumper ☑Baby Bun with Heart Headband ☑Valentine Baby Dummy ☑Baby Valentine Bow and Arrow ☑Baby Valentine Blankie ☑Violet Baby Sundress ☑Baby Valentine Heart Shoes

☐Cupid Garland ☐Garden Tea Party Background ☐Dyeworks Purple: Rainbow Petal Shower This list is empty.

Wishlist for Fleurmar

☑Bubbles in the Lake ☑MME6-S2: A Bunch of Popping Bubbles ☑MME6-S6: Trapped in a Bubble Foreground ☑Maraquan Fin Wings ☑ Dyeworks Green: Maraquan Silver Markings ☑Maraquan Jewelled Trident Handheld ☑Dyeworks Purple: Maraquan Summer Cloak ☑Cave & Waterfall Background

☐ Large Cherry Blossom Tree

☐ Maraquan Wig with Negg Accessory

This list is empty.

Wishlist for Kindrir


☑Dyeworks Auburn: Golden Sea Star Wig ☑Flower Wings ☑Last Day of Summer Bonfire Background ☑Nature Kacheek Necklace ☑ Gorgeous Ball Gown

☐MME20-S4a: Winter Princess Cape ☐Ocean Earrings ☐Fireworks Shower ☐Ocean Earrings This list is empty.

Wishlist for Mircobyte


☑Trapped in a Jar ☑Rainbow Butterfly Shower ☑Baby Overstuffed Warf Plushie ☑Swinging on a Cloud

☐Magical Faerie Glade Background ☐Waterfall Fireworks Effect This list is empty.

Wishlist for my Snoem


☑Toy Scythe of Dread ☑Deathly Union Wig ☑Fang-Tastic Makeup ☑Dark Mystical Cape ☑Black Alabriss Wings ☑Woodland Archer Belt ☑Spyder Web Dress

☐Stormy Ombre Contacts ☐Troubled Water Bridge ☐Skeleton Moon Background

This list is empty.
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