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I. Introduction

I'm Sheo, and I collect kaus.

These are all the items I have available to trade.

I base my cap values off of /~waka

I am currently accepting offers of GBC and my wishes.

Please contact theladyminka on neopets with any offers

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II. Highlights

Numbers represent cap value.

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VI. Sale 3:1 GBC/Wishes

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Items lonewoff wants

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I. Wishlist Introduction

I partially use this to organize my planned outfits for my beloved kau herd.

I can always offer customs, cookies, etc. for my wishes.

Any quantities represent estimate cap values.

Current GBC count: 0

This list is empty.

II. Priority Wishes

IV. Gallery Wishes

I am also seeking several food items for my cake/cupcake/muffin themed gallery.

JN List

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V. Low Priority Wishes

Items I want for pets I don't have (yet).

This list is empty.

VI. NP Wishes

Dress to Impress
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