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Items hatenna owns

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welcome to my twisted closet

NM responses may be delayed i am online sporadically

if you have one of my priority high value/HTF wishes, feel free to send me your wishlist/tl! (most of my items are hidden)

22(e) / 33(h) / 44(j) / 55(o) :: notes 4 self

This list is empty.

a. closet (visible)

things that i can be persuaded to part with for specific wishes
NOT UFT FOR GBC/CUSTOM (unless i specifically say so on a board)

This list is empty.

b. htpw

its hard
NOT UFT FOR GBC/CUSTOM (unless i specifically say so on a board)

This list is empty.

c. highlights

nice stuff

if theres a '0' at end of the number = how many GBC/RR cap i would trade it for
ie: 50 = 5 caps

ignore 22/33/44/55, those are for my reference

This list is empty.

d. they;re ok

most 1 or 1-2

69 = will trade 2:1 for BF GBCs (the ones that give out extra boxes) (not normal gbcs :( sorry)

This list is empty.

e. everything else

uft for gbc, custom, anything

"21" at the beginning = will trade 2:1 GBC/archives cookie

This list is empty.

Items hatenna wants

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notes to self:

69 = REALLY WANTS IT mail me ur wishlist now
will trade htpw and stuff for

21 = seen this 2:1 | 13 = buyable
100 = to replace | 99 = want spares
420 = for friends | 1234 = pending/pretrade

other #s for my reference

This list is empty.

b. cool

likes it

This list is empty.

c. everything else

i used this maybe in a dti custom one(1-5) time(s) and was like wow and promptly did not think about it again (lowest priority)

This list is empty.
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