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1. Hello

Updated: November 2020

Hello! A few things to know if you're browsing my TL :)

1) Feel free to NM about anything, no reason to be scared. If I didn't reply, please send it again as I probably forgot. I'm in NST time zone.

2) I use /~Priscilla as a guideline, but I might reject a fair trade, especially when some of the items are very hard to find despite their value.

3) I have some comments for each section, but they are all very hard rules, so just offer what you want as long as you don't mind if I reject ;)

Cookies and customs always available for the right items.

99 = HTPW

55 = Pending Trade

This list is empty.

2. Dyeworks Lending

These items could be UFT but they are quite HTPW. Currently boxless, so can only lend 2:1 GBC. Once I have more boxes I can do 1:1 dye pots, training cookies, and fqcs.

Novas are not UFT as they are an in-use closet item, but they are lendable.

This list is empty.

3. Highlights

Not looking to trade most of these for GBCs or customs unless I said otherwise but you can still try. Most of these aren't HTPW for the right offers, since they aren't closet items, but please do understand if I reject fair offers.

This list is empty.

4. UFT

Some of this hasn't been organized into my 2:1 yet so feel free to ask if you want.

This list is empty.

5. 2:1 Sale

Will accept 2:1 GBC/Archive or 1:1 FQC for these

This list is empty.

6. Baby Stuff

I have only baby pets and most of these are baby items, so these are all generally HTPW even if they aren't valuable. They aren't closet items though, so feel free to still offer. If I have baby items listed somewhere else, it means they are spares.

I value most baby items higher than Waka.

This list is empty.

Items pregnatress wants

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1. High Priority

Higher priority wishes I'm actively seeking, will trade GBCs (when I have them)/customs for these

This list is empty.

2. Normal Wishlist

Items that I kinda want replacements/spares for, or might want for a future custom. Not as high priority as list 1.

This list is empty.

3. For Friends

Items friends are looking for, usually looking for these as fillers but may trade directly for them, and sometimes with custom, depending on the item.

This list is empty.

4. Items for a Trade

If there are items here, I'm currently seeking these at pretty high priority as it's to finish a trade I'm in the middle of.

Numbers are values.

33 = not seeking

This list is empty.

5. Pops

These are mostly items I think trade well or items I'm casually seeking to replace or find spares of, but feel free to make offers with them :)

Will usually trade custom and GBCs for these.

Some numbers might be here for my reference, dont worry about them...

This list is empty.
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