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last update:
jan 2021
as of sept 2020, this is my new tl (bc I'm too lazy to rlly edit the other one).

a note:
-I value all items low. If you value your item high and my item low, I will not consider it an equal trade, and will not trade with you. If you neomail me about a trade like this, I will NOT answer. The only exception to this rule is high cap/HTF/popular items.
The math for cookies to gbcs is:
2 cookies per 1 gbc.
If you offer 1 cookie (100nc) on a 1 cap (200nc) item, I will not trade with you as that's and unfair trade. If you neomail me about a trade like this, I will NOT answer.
-All items are valued by /~waka.
-If I post to a board saying I'm seeking GBCs but this list says otherwise, trust the board. The board is always right.
-I will only contact you through purplemilanda. My items are scattered, but you will only ever receive items from purplemilanda and fluffesh. Do NOT trade with any other username that claims to be me.

box count: 20 {p} // 5 {f}
nc balance: 3,000
3 RR DW Caps
2 FQCs
1 Training Cookie This list is empty.

Hard to Find || Highlights

amount is loosely based on /~waka, influenced by what I think the items are worth
some items are closeted and will only be uft for items marked 100 in wl

Flushed Blush:
in stock: 3 // value: ??

This list is empty.

regular tl

This list is empty.

Items purplemilanda wants

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There aren't any items here.
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