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A TL/WL Intro

Hello~ here is my NC Tradelist. I'm not super great at updating it so I may have a few things not listed on here/listed that I already traded away. Anyways, anything in the UFT categories I will accept fair GBC offers/wishes for.

Otherwise, the HTPW & highlights I'm usually a little more picky about but feel free to offer. Closet items are almost never UFT but I will offer it if I feel like it's time for a change!

My main acct on neo is the same as my UN on here, catluver456 so send me a neomail (link below) if you wanna trade. I'm online pretty frequently.

Numbers indicate quantity not value. I go by ~Waka for values

Thank you! ^^

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UFT - Backgrounds & Foregrounds

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UFT - Clothes

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UFT - Trinkets

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~~Non-wearables UFT

Qty on hand, UFT for my wishes:

GBCs x2
Witchy RR Caps x3
Dyeworks Potions x3
Money Tree Capsule x1
7th Birthday Cake Slice #3 x1

Gift boxes x15

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