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Items aurorapearl owns

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A.1 Notes

Ask for 2:1 deals!

Items marked with the tag "44[?]" are on potentially boxless sides

Items marked 555 are pending a trade

Other number tags represent quantity

444 = skgurlzguild | 442 = fairy_leaf | 441 = c_nsored | 443 = labyrinthis

This list is empty.

A.2 Gift Box Capsules & Custom

Custom Available: 2.5k+

Total Available GBCs: 50+

Total Available BF GBCs: ~40

See gallery for updated list on available GBCs - Kaleidoscope GBCs are BF

This list is empty.

A.9 Gram Items

Adding items in grams to this list to be searchable.

Available grams:

Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram: 1 (Items marked 111)

Warm Winter Nights Gram: 5 (Items marked 222)

Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram: 3 (Items marked 333)

Heart Breaker Sweetheart Gram: 3 (Items marked 444)

Call Me Sweetheart Gram: 3 (Items marked 555)

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

Foregrounds, Showers, Garlands

This list is empty.

Z.0 Non-Wearables UFT

Games & Grams

  • Dyeworks Celebration Hue Brew Potion
  • Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion
  • Holiday Patapult Patapuff 1-Pack
  • Bigsby Shadingtons Wonderclaw Widget 1-pack
  • The Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram

Cupcakes & Cakes

  • 7th Birthday Cake Slice #1 x3 {444} {441}
  • 7th Birthday Cake Slice #3
  • 8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake x3
  • 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake x3 {444} {441} {443}
  • 8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake x2

Goodie Bags

  • Floating in Love Valentine Goodie Bag x3
  • Premium Rewards Goodie Bag
  • Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag x4
  • Candy Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag
  • Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag x2 {442} {444}
  • Neopets 17th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag x4
  • Polar Trousers Goodie Bag x2 {443}
  • Raindorf Goodie Bag x2
  • Vandagyre Goodie Bag x4
  • Jowlard Goodie Bag x2
  • Bountiful Hearts Goodie Bag x5
  • Holiday Bells Goodie Bag
  • Halloween Barbat Goodie Bag
  • NC Mall Sixth Birthday Goodie Bag
  • Sweet Dreams Goodie Bag x3
  • NC Mall 4th Birthday White Goodie Bag x2
  • Valentine Bow Goodie Bag x3
  • NC Mall Fifth Birthday Goodie Bag {444}
  • Second NC Mall Fifth Birthday Goodie Bag
  • Blue Festive Balloons Goodie Bag
  • Peppermint Goodie Bag x2
  • Candy Vampire Goodie Bag x4 {441} {442} {443} {444}
  • Polar Trousers Goodie Bag x2 {441} {442}
  • Neopets 20th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag x2 {441} {442}
  • Elite NC Mall Third Birthday Goodie Bag {444}
  • NC Mall Third Birthday Goodie Bag {444}
  • NC Mall 4th Birthday Blue Goodie Bag {444}
  • NC Mall 4th Birthday White Goodie Bag {444}
  • Spooky Skull Goodie Bag {444}
  • Holly Tree Goodie Bag {444}
  • Festive Balloons Goodie Bag {444}
This list is empty.

Z.1 Closet / HTPW (Public)

Items that make the hoarder in me happy, but I'm not using them (or they're spares). These items can be negotiably put UFT for certain wishes - I apologize in advance if I turn down fair offers, but please do ask! (:

I'm more attached to items marked with a 9.

This list is empty.

Items aurorapearl wants

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A. Actively Seeking

And always seeking FQC's, Lab ray cookies, Upcycle cookies, & GBCs

For high value items, I do have a private closet. Feel free to share your TL and I'll see if I have anything on there.

Numbers represent quantity :3

This list is empty.

C. Still Deliberating

These are things I think I maybe might possibly want? But I'm not too sure yet, so putting them here so I don't forget.

Probably would only trade for these items if they were discounted.

This list is empty.
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