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Items Brogan owns

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A. Closet / HTPW


These items might still be UFT please feel free to ask. I use these items a lot so they are usually in my wardrobe.

Items marked 99 are VERY HTPW and not UFT unless offered.

This list is empty.

B. Highlights


~These are items I think are pretty or popular, it is just my opinion so please do check my tradelist I have lots of nice items!

NOTE some of these items may be harder to part with than others

This list is empty.

C. Tradelist

This list is empty.

D. Spare PB Clothing

Please feel free to take these away I have 6 trades a month so I can get rid of 6 of these per month!

This list is empty.

Items Brogan wants

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4. Future wishes (NOT seeking currently)

5. Dream Wishes

Maybe one day, very high cap value items. I don't mind how many boxes I use to get these but I am attached to my closet items marked 99. Don't mind overoffering slightly for these!

This list is empty.
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