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0. Trade Terms

I prefer to 1:1, however each of my WL's will have their own trading terms and I may do multi-item trades for certain WL items.

Each TL will have their own trading terms listed.

I cannot offer GBCs, FQCs, or a Custom at most times without prior arrangements made by me. I do not have constant access to NC so please honor this!

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1. 2:1 Sale

All of these items are 2 for 1 GBC!

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2. Regular UFT

UFT for WL items.

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6. PB Clothing

Paint Brush Clothing I don't use. All clothing is available to members of my guild, just NM me to arrange the means to transfer the clothes -- but beware, it's kinda complicated!

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Items KittyKatty1234 wants

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0. Reading This Will Answer Many Questions About Trading With Me!

Reading this is not 100% necessary, but can help you prepare a more lucrative offer for you.

I am always willing to trade for or above value, even when doing a 1:1 trade for any non-priority item, so when dealing with 1:1 scenarios don't be afraid to take an over offer with a single item. In multi-item cases I am strong on my word, I will trade the number of items noted for each wish regardless of total value -- these items will see much more use than the items I'm trading you, that's for sure! So if an item I'm actively seeking values at 3 caps and two items equal 3 caps but I've got 3 items marked for it don't be afraid to grab another (or several if how the items is being traded fits it), trading for chunky items can be a pain and you're helping me by cleaning out my SDB and Closet of rarely used items.

If I am seeking a Dyeworks recolor of something, I'm normally interested in other colors of the same item as well! Just shoot me a mail and ask.

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1. Actively Seeking / Priority Wishes

Actively seeking these items.

I have all of my wishes for my main right now, these all go to sides! Number indicates which side an item goes to.

I am also seeking GBCs to help move items from my main to my side, so several items on the standard TL are UFT for GBCs!

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