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0. Notice!


It is perfectly okay to NM me again in a day or so if I don't respond to your first mail, my hours are currently super unpredictable so I may not mail you back the first time if it's been 12+ hours since it was sent. If you sent me your TL and got no reply, _be aware that I will not respond to offers of TLs filled with complete utter junk. (I've had that happen in the double digits of times in the past month at time of posting) I am aware of what I have that is HTF or popular that I own. Additionally I always cross check values. You may mail me again if I don't respond but if your offer was not even on my end or your TL was blatantly junk then you should be aware I am very strict on values -- if I value an item high I will let you know, and I expect us to be trading for and with items that we value the same way _ I am a forgiving trader who will gently point out the discrepancy but if you try to press me I am not a very nice person when it comes to my real money items and am prone to biting. (insert upside down emote here) It pains me to have to be this way but some of my experiences while trading NC directly on the NCC and with DTI based trades warrants me tightening my belt, and needless to say you have been warned.

That being said, if an item is not in my "hidden closet" (one of the bottom most lists in my owned lists), I may be open to discussion of custom, but please keep in mind I can usually buy mall items myself so there's really only a very slim chance of me being interested in such a trade, But, if you are desperately searching for one of my HTF small (1-2 cap on Waka) items, just let me know you've had a hard time finding the item and I will at least check the mall to see if there's something I'd be interested in for the item. I have a lot I keep on my HTP lists BECAUSE they are hard to find and it would be difficult for me to retrade for them (yes I'm a hoarder) but I've been there, so don't think just because I won't answer a list that has junk on it doesn't mean I won't trade. I'm just sick and tired of people trying to take advantage of me. lol

I use /~Waka for values. I usually value items in my Keeping for Main list at the median of the values, HTP and Hidden Closet items usually value high but there's a few here and there that don't follow that patter -- it's okay to ask.

Lists generally have their own terms listed, please honor them. I am not afraid to point out you forgot to read the terms on these lists so let's just skip the need to do that and pleeeeeease read the terms, okay?

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1.) 1 Cap/ 2:1 for non-GBC Items

These items will all be traded for either 1 GBC to 2:1 for other (non-GBC) items from the mall (I like Quest, Lab, Archives and Training Cookies the most if you're looking for 2 items from this list!)

This list is empty.

2.) LE GASP! An ACTUAL 2:1 List!

Why yes, these items are in fact 2:1 for GBCs. They're rotting on my account in my SDB anyway. Keep in mind that ONLY items from THIS EXACT list are UFT for that but like any of my other 2:1 lists buyables, FQCs, Lab Cookies, Training Cookies, and maaaaaybe Game Cookies are a-okay to be traded for items from this list (but anything that isn't a GBC will all assume I have boxes.) Please note I will double check which list these items are on -- no mixing and matching from other lists, thanks.

This list is empty.

2.5) Buyables

2:1 for other (usually seasonal) buyables or cookies. Currently available in the mall. I probably have extras of these. If you are looking for small buyables always available and want to get the best bang for your buck I will match the # of items traded from this list for the # of boxes in your cap!

A few items may be NC Card LEs or just ridiculously common.

This list is empty.

3.) Cap Sale

As the list states. Some of these items will be discounted and feel free to ask about bulk trade discounts for trades totalling 3 or more items! Items priced according to /~Waka.

This list is empty.

Z1.) Main Items (Regular TL)

Unmarked items trade normally and may trade for lesser priority wishes from my JN WL (linked below) and I will accept pure GBC trades on these items if I'm in need of boxes. In any case, the unmarked items will usually trade for the median of /~Waka.

21 or 12 is preferred to be filler for larger trades or may be traded for value in cookies from the mall.

This list is empty.


Items on this list are all of varying levels of difficulty to part with. Items on this list are not UFT for GBCs at any time. Most items on this list will have numbers, meaning the following:

99 = UFT for Priority/Actively Sought Wishes and Event Packs.

999 = Not UFT for any reason unless I expressly offer them. If you are seeking one of these items the best route to go about it is to hand me your TL when inquiring. Be aware all offers from me regarding these items are firm and final.

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List is visible because I'm seeking something painfully hard to find. Numbers have no meaning here. If this is visible they're all UFT for something specific, currently that is:

Gothic Pastel Dress Large trades for this item are A-Okay by me, be my guest and take my boxes (but make sure I have boxes first!) Items you have to pry from my cold dead fingers will never be here.

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Items KittyKatty1234 wants

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Actively Seeking: Special Items

Pricier items that I am seeking. Items from this list are UFT for all items marked as 99 in HTPW, as well as items that are marked 999 in my HTPW. _I do have a hidden closet for items that are only UFT expressly for items marked 99/999 on this list, I can unhide it upon request. _

**IF OFFERING ON MY HIDDEN WISHLIST FOR THE LOVE OF FYORA DO NOT ASK FOR "X" ITEM. This is mostly because there's a LOT of items I don't have and 99% of what I do have is visible, and, what you see is what I will trade.

Hidden TL is currently unhidden for Gothic Pastel Dress!

This list is empty.

Seasonal Wishes: November/December

Mostly holiday and winter items. Seeking these year round. Casual Trades except during the months in the title.

This list is empty.


Not actively trading for these yet, but I may consider offers of them.

Lower value items may be used as filler in some cases.

This list is empty.

z. Buyable Wishes

Willing to trade for these from my 2:1 or cap sales.

This list is empty.
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