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As the list states. Some of these items are discounted and feel free to ask about bulk trade discounts for trades totalling 3 or more items!

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2:1 Sale

Yep, I've finally reached my limit, the old SDB is too huge and the closet excess too much! Everything in this list is 2:1!

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6. PB Clothing

Paint Brush Clothing I don't use from my main, I may be willing to transfer you the clothes if you have an unclothed variant of the appropriate pet.

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Z. Keeping for Main

Only select items are UFT for GBCs, please ask about an item before offering, I'm very picky here. If there's a current event going on I'm usually open to trading most any of these for the event packs, too.

I will probably be a bit pickier about values for these items too.

Note: Not all items are NC since this is imported from my closet and used to plan customs.

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Side Pet Customs Items

99 Means I am currently seeking the item.

The rest of my NC wishlist can be found here.

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