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Boxes: 22 | GBCs: 2 | Custom: 150nc

!!! CLICK HERE FOR MY 2:1 GBC (cube) SALE (500+ items) !!!

Seeking: Wishlist items and GBCs.
More then happy to trade multiple items for big wish items.

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Boxes: 2 | GBCs: 0 | Custom: 100nc

Trying to get rid of the NC on this account and focus on NP only customization.
Most trades will require a GBC.

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UFT - Paintbrush Cothing

All of the paintbrush clothing listed here is up for grabs for anyone interested.
In order to get the clothing, you need to send a pet of a matching colour to me, have me clothe it and then send it back for you.

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Dress to Impress
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