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Items Krystalb2000 owns

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1. Introduction

Welcome to my TL! Most of my closet is hidden, so if you see something here, I will definitely part with it for the right offers. Some things I'll trade for GBCs... doesn't hurt to ask. :)

If you happen to see me desperately searching for something on the boards, feel free to inquire about items I may have tucked away out of sight (or show me your TL/WL!).

I don't bite, and I always respond to neomails, so offer away, & thanks for looking!

Nonwearables UFT:
Holiday Snowglobe Mystery Capsule (~200, but negotiable)
Ferocious Negg Key Quest Token (~50)
Cheery or Dreary Mystery Capsule
Fall Pumpkin Patch Mystery Capsule
Haunted Woods Mystery Capsule
Creepy Halloween Skull Mystery Capsule
Spring Basket Mystery Capsule
Bejewelled Negg Mystery Capsule
Complete list of nonwearables on Jellyneo (rest of TL not very up to date there, but I do keep track of nonwearables):


This list is empty.

1. Regular Tradelist

My regular tradelist. If it's here I probably don't use it. :) Generally following /~waka & /~Pricilla values. A few buyables here that I liked enough to not add to my 2:1 sale. Will accept GBCs/caps for things here.

This list is empty.

2. My discounted 2:1 sale

Items I'd trade 2:1 for a GBC or 1:1 for a small wish. :) For a BF GBC I'd do 3:1.

This list is empty.

3. Dyeworks UFT

99/999 = a bit HTPW, since I probably like using it even though I'm also willing to trade it. Casual trades always welcome. :) Mostly looking for item trades, but can consider GBCs for some.

This list is empty.

5. Select HTPW items

MOST of my closet is hidden, but here's a few closet items I could part with for other pretties. Likely not trading for GBCs, but feel free to ask. :) Some stuff here is more HTPW than others, but I love casual trades and may be willing to trade for non-wishlist items if you have something HTF or of equal value and want to reach out.

This list is empty.

Items Krystalb2000 wants

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Wishlist for Krystalb2000

Things I want for my main. Can offer TL or BF GBCs :)

This list is empty.

Wishlist for my mother: Neopianrose

Things I'm looking to trade for so my mother Neopianrose can keep changing up her nimmos' customization. :-D Prefer to offer GBCs on these. Sometimes Neopianrose has GBCs too, so you can neomail either of us if you're interested in caps for these wishes.

This list is empty.

Wishlist for my side account: krystal_world

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