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Seeking: GBC, WL, Cake slice#1/sparkler cupcakes

Let me have a look at your TL too, I have private lists of items I want...even though they are not a priority
Random pretty stuff that I don't need but might trade for if you don't have my public WL items.

number of items on WL (hidden + visible) : 179

If my inbox is full (most of the time it's just a glitch, I never have more than 180 mails in my inbox), feel free to toss me a junk or just go ahead with sending the mail, most of the time it goes through.
If it doesn't go through (ie, getting a stop message after you pressed send), toss me a junk.

This list is empty.

2:1 gbc

Will trade 2 items here for 1 gbc.
Only applicable for gbcs (are valued 1 cap each if trading item:item), unless I have a lot of boxes (which is never T_T)

some items are on my boxless side :3

This list is empty.

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1) Seeking

Seeking also GBCs
Cake slice#1/Sparkler cupcakes

Wishes on this list come and go.

This list is empty.

3) maybe

idk why but I kind of like them, but tbh i don't really need them?

Warning: The items in this list come and go.
I don't really need them. But while they are on this list, I am looking for them. Just not as enthusiastically as my "Seeking" list.

Low priority.
May reject fair offers if I'm low on boxes. Sorry :(

This list is empty.
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