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1. Items in use now.

One of my pets is wearing this item right now. I am probably not going to trade these items, but I'm listing them anyway because I might trade them for my Priority Wishlist items.

This list is empty.


These are items I am not very attached to, but I do like them. I'd like to trade them for some of the items on my wishlist, rather than capsules and cookies, or at least multiple capsules or cookies. I'm always interested in Backgrounds I don't have, if you have any to offer.

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3. Mutant Grams/Free the Faeries UFT

I have a few Daunting Doll Mutant Grams available for trade. I have a few Sleepless Spyder Mutant Gram items in my wishlist, which I would consider a fair 1:1 trade. I have a few Faerie Slingshots as well.

I'm not wanting to trade these for GBC, etc. until their value settles a bit.

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3. Sale 2:1 for GBC; 2:1 for Archive Cookie

You can have any two of these items for a Gift Box Capsule. You can have any two of these items for a NC Archive Cookie. You can have a fair number of these items for items on my wishlists.

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

Items heyyymie wants

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1. Priority Wishlist

This are items I am more keen to get my hands on. If you're making an offer for one of my HTPW items, it should probably be for one of these.

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