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Updated January 2024

• Numbers refer to my accounts
• I use ~owls, ~eya and personal judgement for values
• I will only contact you from my main account emokidd0
• No custom available

Non wearables UFT:

This list is empty.

0.1 Permanent Closet

Never UFT.

This list is empty.

1.1 Highlights

Some nicer items. Aside of wishes often interested in event tickets. I'm not against browsing list, but can be picky.

This list is empty.

1.2 Regular UFT

Not terribly picky. Wishes, custom, GBCs, all good.

This list is empty.

1.3 GBC sale 2:1/3:1

Any two for one GBC (three for a BF GBC) or 1:1 for a dyepot.

This list is empty.

Items emokidd0 wants

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0. Top Priority

Something will eventually show up here, it always happens.

This list is empty.

1. Higher Priority

Looking for these...

This list is empty.

4. Buyable Wishes

Seeking if it's retiring, if not then it's super low priority.

This list is empty.

NP Wishes

PB clothes I'm seeking

I don't have pets of these colours :(

This list is empty.
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