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Always Seeking

Faerie Quest Cookies

Yep. That's pretty much the only thing I'm always looking for.

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Never ever ever UFT

Stuff that I spent months looking for and traded multiple items for... I prize these above all other of my NC possessions and will never ever ever trade them.

HUGE thank you to my little brother Joshua, who traded me MiniMME20-B: City in Space Background to help me get my Galactic Traveller Wig!!!

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On abbytate12

My Main Account

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High Priority Wishlist

Stuff I REALLY want/need for customizations... ASAP

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Low Priority: Pretties

Essentially, just pretty items I like. There is a good chance I have not yet figured out a way to incorporate these items into customizations, so I'm really not actively looking for them, but still.... Preeeeeety....

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Need to Replace

Stuff I traded away that I like a lot and need to replace. Not a priority.

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