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1. Heya! =)

Public Messagings:

~This user tends to follow /~Korolie & /~Waka
- we can make a vc board for unmarked/higher items if you're feeling uneasy?

~Since I'm unable to purchase Nc anymore; I would really prefer to reserve my Gbcs for tricky-to-find wishes (Bargain sales? - I just might make an exception for! :'P )

~Lists are typically updated right after every trade

~I can be really indecisive sometimes;
^Having said that, don't be afraid to Nm should you have any questions

I hope you're able to find something useful here but if not, perhaps next time?
~Thanks for browsing~ ^_^/

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2. Dyeworks Originals for Lending* 2:1

3. Spot anything that tickles yer fancy?

Will occasionally drop items from "HTPW" when looking for something particular

144 = htpw/Only for wishes/potentially Gbcs
810 = Semi-picky, Custom/Gbc(s) might sway me
710 = liked, tho wouldn't mind trading if needed

-Also accepted: old gbcs/cookies/dyepots/shenanigan for many

*** I'd be happy play the 2:1 - 4:1 Gbc Game with you for most Goodiebags, Common/Buyables in this section; -minus those marked otherwise- (Account-Boxes permitting!)

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4. Non-Wearables UFT


Bountiful Hearts - Valentine Bow - Candy Vampire - Festive Balloons - Blue Festive Balloons - Halloween Barbat - Ghost Melton - Holiday Bells - Holly Tree - Jowlard - NC Mall 4th Birthday Blue - NC Mall 4th Birthday White - NC Mall Fifth Birthday - Neopets 15th Birthday Celebration - Peppermint - Polar Trousers - Raindorf - Second NC Mall Fifth Birthday - Spooky Skull - Vandagyre - Snowman - Neopets 16th Birthday - Candy Hearts Valentine Goodie Bag - Neopets 17th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

FOOD: Really Ripe Banana x2, Pizza 3:1
HOME: virtuepets fence 3:1
CAKE: - 7th Birthday Cake Slice #2 - Rainbow cupcake x2*
= Collector's Gbcs =

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Items Seryndale wants

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999 A. {Surrender them to Stuffie! ;o; }

ie; :: TOP PRIORITY ::

*None of my offerings were to your liking? D';

~I may part with Gbcs or consider sacrificing from -The Super Secret Vault- for a few of these

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999 B. Medium Priority

While not the primary focus at the moment, feel free to message about these. Maybe we can try to work something out? =3

1111 - Pending Trade

This list is empty.

999 c. Other Nc Goals

Pretties I'd love to gather eventually

Hoping to use similar,small items or find as filler
*Not likely to trade gbcs for these (just yet) unless extremely htf & you're mad enough to offer them at a huge bargain, sorry :c

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There aren't any items here.
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