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1 A Acurate Note

Sometimes I poof from NEO due to work deadlines. If we were in the middle of a trade, or if I have not replied to your mail in 24 hours, PLEASE mail me again.

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UPDATED 01/1/2024

I don't have custom or gbc to offer unless specifically mentioned on my board/NM. I can always arrange custom for items on my final closet wl.

This list is empty.

For Specific Wishes

The items on this list are uft for specific wishes only. Currently my "Final Closet Wishlist" Only

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Items Elexia wants

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1 Final Closet Wishes

I am always seeking this list, I will trade from my special tl section (specific wishes...), arrange partial or full custom, or maybe seek out your wishes for items on this list.

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3 Regular/Casual Wishlist

These are general-purpose items I would like to add to my closet. I won't offer htf/gbc's for this list.

This list is empty.
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