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0. Trading this section for GBCs

NC Value Guide:

Quantity = # of GBCs I'm seeking

PLEASE NOTE there are a few instances where my personal GBC value differs from the guide values!

I want to be super transparent about this, no matter whether I'm asking for less or more than the guide value, so the items are listed below! My personal values are just based on what I would feel comfortable with letting go of the item for.

DISCOUNTED: Tasty Bakery Background, Figure Skating Cuff Bracelet, Prissy Miss Snowflake Dress, Haunted Woods Autumn Background, Cobrall Charmer Basket, Lutari Island Jungle Background, Gothic Heart Valentine Garland, Mini Esophagor, Snowball Fight Background, Coffin of Spooks, Meridellian Spring Background, and Blue Polka Dot Dress

MORE EXPENSIVE: Blue Warlock Battle Wings

NO GUIDE VALUE: Rainbow Gloves

This list is empty.


Seeking Retired Altador Cup Mystery Capsules (AC RR caps) for my HTPW items!

I'm valuing the AC RR caps at 1.25 cap value (based on the price of 250 NC vs. 200 NC for 1 GBC) (Therefore, the quantities listed below are 1.25 times less than the cap value I'm seeking for them, if doing item trades)

Quantity = # of caps I'm seeking (after accounting for the proposed 1.25 cap value)

Asking values are based on recent value checks and trades posted on the ~Waka board, but I'm still very open to discussing values so that we can come to a trade that both sides are happy with! ^_^

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2. Regular UFT

This list is empty.

3. No Attachment

GBC Sale!

Take the lowest /~Waka value, subtract 1, and that's how many GBCs I'm looking for!

1-2 cap items are 2:1 GBC

I am always happy to give away the items in this section (provided GBCs to send the items with), so don't hesitate to mail me for a 2:1 deal ^_^

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Items violetsigh wants

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1. My Wishlist

99 = highest priority

Other #s indicate the quantity I am seeking!

Also interested GBCs, but mostly just as value fillers for my higher value items (unless you're offering on my GBC sale section, then I'd love them)!

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3. Low Priority

Items I think are nice, but wouldn't jump to trade for :x

More likely to turn down trades for these items, unless higher priority wishes are also a part of the trade x_x

But sometimes I am interested in them, no harm in asking!

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