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i. introduction

last updated 17th november, 2018.

my wishlist is perpetually incomplete and being refined.
send me your trade list if you'd like me to look it over.
i always mail back whether it's a "yes" or "no, thank you." :)

current number of boxes: 24
jellyneo lists:
(not as up to date as this page)

This list is empty.

ii. favourites/closet

my favourite items. these items will be VHTPW/probably not for trade but feel free to offer if you'd like; the worst i can say is no thank you. :)

This list is empty.

iii. trade list

some things may be htpw

This list is empty.

vi. non wearables

candy hearts valentine goodie bag
cloudy magical negg
colourful magical negg
cracked magical negg
18th birthday celebration goodie bag

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Items kylebishop wants

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* caps/cookies wishlist

caps i am seeking multiples of:
pumpkin harvest retired mystery capsules
haunted forest retired mystery capsules
day of the dead mystery capsules

cookies i am always seeking:
lab ray cookies
faerie quest cookies

This list is empty.

b. low priority

things i like but am not actively seeking!

(incomplete! send me your tl to look at if i have a wish of yours and you don't see anything here you can/want to offer)

This list is empty.
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