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1) Stuff I can lend for Dyeworks

Yep, yep. If you don't know how dyeworks lending works, just ask.

This list is empty.

NC collectables and high valued items.

UFT for anything.

UFT for anything from wishes, to GBCs

This list is empty.

Items bigmew wants

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1) Priority

I want these items in time for their season, and for a customization.

This list is empty.

2) My WL

These are items I'd like to own. More will be added as I stumble across them.

This list is empty.

3) Low priority

Low priority. I am not actively seeking this list, but I might accept an item on here to top off a trade for something else.

This list is empty.

Buyable WL

This stuff's buyable. I still want it though.

This list is empty.


Items I need for Meowinga's permanent custom

This list is empty.

Someday in my dreams...

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